Microtox M500 Bioassay by Modern Waters




Microtox M500 Bioassay (Modern Waters) has a built-in cooling block, enabling it to be used for ISO and DIN standard methods. Software and Computer Included.

Thy Analyzer Omni software contains detailed step by step protocols for 11 standard methods, including ISO 11348-3, DIN 38412 and ASTM D5660.

The new Microtox is the laboratory based acute toxicity analyzer. The analyzer Modern Water’s proven M500 technology testing in demanding drinking, industrial and wastewater applications.
  • Biological earning warning system
  • Uses a new proprietary, fully dynamic photomultiplier to increase the sensitivity of the instrument
  • Fast, reliable and reproducible results
  • Automatic color correction feature
  • Actively cooled sample and read wells enable more precise and consistent readings
  • Cost effective


Test results highly correlated with other widely accepted toxicity test method helps to ensure compliance with regulatory and effluent permit standards in wastewater applications.


Certifications: ISO 13485, FM 583842, CE, IEC 610010-1:2010, IEC 61010-2-010:2014; IEC 61326-1:2103; FCC part 15, Subpart B.


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